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Brian Muir, Senior Associate

Brian Muir, President of the James Madison Group and Senior Associate with Municipal Solutions, has 20 years project management experience, with his last 10 years exclusively in the public sector as an organizational/community planning and development consultant, facilitator, and trainer.  He has worked with over 160 municipalities, counties, local government associations, and state and federal agencies and has developed over 10,000 public sector front-line and management personnel in 13 states.


Brian brings a uniquely local government skill set and a refreshingly creative perspective to this Strategic Planning Project – having served for four-years as a City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem for the City of North Salt Lake City.


Seeing a need in the public sector for more training, organizational, and community development services that address local government’s unique challenges, he founded The James Madison Group in 2002. Brian has consulted and trained elected leaders, city/county managers, and management teams on creating strategic plans for their organization and community.  He has conducted dozens of strategic planning leadership retreats to create/update the vision, mission, and long-term goals. He works closely with staff on creating action plans and a performance management plan to make them happen.


In 2004, Senior Associate, Brian Muir was asked by the City of Rawlins Wyoming to customize a leadership retreat for the Mayor, City Council, and City Manager that would address some significant challenges they were experiencing in their community.  Rawlins also wanted to maximize some of their biggest opportunities.  This first community visioning engagement was successful!  Since then Brian has worked with dozens of communities in Utah, Texas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona, and New Mexico to refine his community visioning philosophy and methodology.  


Brian’s educational roots are at Brigham Young University, where he graduated with high distinction with a Masters of Public Administration and a BA in English Literature and also graduated with an MPA from the Romney Institute at Brigham Young University.



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