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Jon Llewellyn

Mr. Llewellyn's areas of technical expertise include:


- land administration and registration

- systematic titling

- survey / cadastral mapping and GIS

- blockchain transaction systems

- governance reform

- organisational assessment and development

- strategy development

- national land policy and legislation

- statutory and informal tenure systems

- land taxation / revenue policy and practice

- forensic assessment and investigation of land and property records, and

- business environment reform.

Mr. LLewellyn has 30 years practical experience specialising in land administration beginning my career at Her Majesty’s Land Registry (British Government), eventually becoming their principal international consultant and a member of the National Future Leaders Programme. He left the Land Registry in 2009 and formed his own international development consultancy - Teraquad.


He has worked in a range of fragile and conflict affected states including Iraq and Afghanistan alongside military counterparts. He has extensive experience with diverse project teams and in producing recommendations for action or improvements at a national policy level and a proven track record in developing and delivering innovative solutions in complex political and religious contexts.

The majority of Mr. Llewellyn's international work takes place at a national strategy and policy level, in the areas of land, institutional and regulatory reform and he is often required to both conceive of, and then deliver, national reform programmes either utilising existing legal frameworks and institutional infrastructure or generate new systems of delivery.


His experience in close interaction and co-operation with senior government officials and ministers is unmatched and his confident manner combined with my technical knowledge and experience, is an asset in fostering trust and confidence and in building consent at this level.


He has worked with all of the major international donor agencies (DFID, USAID, World Bank, ADB, IADB, IMF, EU, JICA) and a large number of global consultancy companies and a wide range of national governments.



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