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Glen E. Winn, Senior Associate

Glen E. Winn, is an Aviation Security Expert with 36 years of Airline and Airport Security Experience. He was the Director of Security of Western Airlines, Northwest Airlines and the Manager of Security of Continental and United Airlines. He has experience in conducting over 1000 Security Audits. He has experience in preventing Terrorist attacks on both Airplanes and Airports. He has conducted both Audits and Investigations in Cargo Warehouses, Flight Kitchens, Reservation Centers and Corporate Offices.


Mr. Winn has personally handled numerous Bomb Threats, Actual Bomb Sites, and Aircraft Accident Rescue and Recovery Sites-40. Glen Winn has instructed at several Universities to include Purdue, Oklahoma State, University of Southern California, Caifornia State University-San Marcos and at the FAA Schools in Oaklahoma City.


Mr. Winn has also lectured at several International Aviation Conferences in Singapore, Seoul Korea, Tokyo, Japan, Montreal, Canada, and in the U. S.  He is a graduate of the followign institutions:


 - Pennsylvania Miltary College,

 - U.S. Marine Corps Officers Basic School, and Junior School.

 - the U. S. Treasury Dept. Law Enforcemant School,

 - the U. S. Secret Service Academy,

 - the U. S. Secret Service Technical Operations School, and

 - the U. S. Secret Service Shift Leader School.


Mr. Winn  has also attended/completed numerous FAA, DEA, ICE Training Schools as well as post graduate Studies at University of California, and Monterey Institute. He is a U. S. Marine Combat Veteran-Vietnam. Other Airline Experiences have taken Glen Winn to Labor Arbitration Cases, Wrongful Termination Cases, Aircraft Hijacking Cases, Terrorist Bombing Cases, Fight Crew Assault Cases, Cargo Theft Cases, and Numerous Other Airline / Airport Related Cases.


Mr. Winn currently teaches Aviation Security at The University of Southern California.



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