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Our current and future leaders is critical. With baby boomers beginning to retire, it is vital to your organization's continued success that you begin planning for and developing the next generation. This track focuses on the needs of elected and appointed leadership, upper-, middle-, and front-line management, as well as managers in training.


   - Developing the Right Stuff: The Effective Public Sector Leader

   - Strategic Communication: Listen, Learn, then Lead

   - "I Pay Your Salary!" Building a High-Performance Customer Service Team

   - Getting From Disagreement to Trust: Conflict Resolution for Public Sector Leaders/Managers

   - Building Community Vision: Strategic Goal-Setting In A Public Sector Environment

   - Doing More with Less: Motivating Employees And Teams To Achieve Peak Productivity

We are here to assist you in developing your employees and now offer over 40 timely training modules broken them down into three basic career tracks. We can also develop modules for any other areas you see need for training.


Employee Development and Training (Leadership, Customer Service, Productivity, & More)  

Leadership / Management

Almost everyone in government wishes to reduce stress, improve performance, strengthen relationships, and balance their personal life and careers. If you invest in your employees, they will be fully invested in you and the community.


   - Times Have Changed: Time Management For the 21st Century

   - Simplifying: Reducing and Managing Stress

   - Work To Live: Life-Family-Work Balance

   - Building Lasting Professional/Personal Relationships Through Meaningful Communication


We will be glad to develop a proposal that will meet your needs and budget - and help to improve employee morale, performance, and productivity.


For more detailed course descriptions and outlines, please contact us.


Whether serving your external customers (residents, businesses, utility customers) or internal customers (co-workers, other department, employees, and supervisors), you need to ensure that your citizens feel their tax payer dollars are working for them to improve their lives.


  - Great Expectations: Customer Service Excellence in the Public Sector

  - How to Hold a Hot Potato: Professionally Serving Upset Citizens and Difficult People

  - It's Everyone's Job! Improving Public Relations

  - Local Government Sets the Tone in a Diverse Community: Creating a Culture of Respect



Professional/Personal Productivity

Customer Service



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